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Qué clase de semana ha sido ésta (04)
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“Here’s another Photo of the shuttle from my plane.”

La revolución

#acampadasol #spanishrevolution

Los indignados, los jovenes sin futuro se tomaron la Plaza del Sol de Madrid el 15 de Mayo. La tasa de desempleo de los jovenes menores de 25 años fué del 43% en Febrero, más del doble del promedio del país y la más alta en cualquier otro país de la Unión Europea.


Here Be Monsters
They did it for the simplest of reasons: adventure. Three friends, on a drunken dare, set out in a dinghy for a nearby island. But when the gas ran out and they drifted into barren waters, their biggest threat wasn’t the water or the ocean—it was each other.

The dogs of war

The bulletproof dog that stormed bin Laden’s lair high-tech K9 SEAL vest can cost $30,000 — and makes for one very bad canine

Henry Markram, a neuroscientist at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, Switzerland, has assembled a team of nine top European scientists for the research effort to build a computer model of a human brain. The Human Brain Project is in discussion with the EU for a £1billion (US$1.61 billion) grant.

They say that before the M9 earthquake, the total electron content of the ionosphere increased dramatically over the epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck. These kinds of observations are consistent with an idea called the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling mechanism. The thinking is that in the days before an earthquake, the great stresses in a fault as it is about to give cause the releases large amounts of radon. The radioactivity from this gas ionises the air on a large scale and this has a number of knock on effects. Since water molecules are attracted to ions in the air, ionisation triggers the large scale condensation of water. But the process of condensation also releases heat and it is this that causes infrared emissions.

Lockitron works by sending a signal from your phone through our servers to a small device that plugs into your internet router. This in turn talks to your door telling it to lock or unlock.
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Rise Up (Eddie Vedder)

Gonna rise up
Find my direction magnetically

Same Old Thing (The Black Keys)

I Lied (Telefon Tel Aviv)

It was sunrise when we started


SFO crunch

Escribí un post (medio emo) en Santa Maradona sobre libros de auto ayuda: Los libros que no ayudan

A mucha gente le gustó, lo que me ha sorprendido. Un post muy personal.

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